Tweetalig vwo (tto)

Tto staat voor Tweetalig Onderwijs. Deze afdeling van het Pius X-College is speciaal ingericht voor leerlingen die gemotiveerd zijn om meer uit hun studie te halen en die het leuk vinden om met taal bezig te zijn. Ze doen uiteindelijk gewoon vwo-examen maar krijgen in de onderbouw 60% van de lessen in het Engels aangeboden. Bovendien krijgen ze extra lessen Engels en krijgen ze te maken met allerlei Engelstalige activiteiten en projecten in het Engels. Ze leren in het Engels presenteren, debatteren en interviewen. Ook reizen naar Engeland en uitwisselingen met scholen in het buitenland vormen onderdeel van het tto-programma.

In de bovenbouw volgen de leerlingen het IB-DP English Language A-programma. Dit is een moedertaal programma van de IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation). Wanneer ze de school verlaten zijn ze zeer goed voorbereid op een universitaire studie in binnen- en buitenland.

Bilingual Education at Pius X-College

Bilingual education is a relatively new phenomenon in the Netherlands. Traditionally a lot of emphasis was placed on the teaching of foreign languages, with English, French and German enjoying an equal status for a long time. However, the rise of English as the worldwide lingua franca, also in Europe, has led to a reorientation.

In the 1990’s bilingual education, with half the subjects being taught in English, began on a limited scale. There are now approximately 120 secondary schools in the Netherlands offering this type of education and this number is still expected to increase.

The National Network for Bilingual Education, an organization established by the participating schools, has developed a standard for bilingual education in cooperation with the European Platform for Dutch Education. This ambitious standard is used to evaluate the school’s performance and to guarantee the best possible standard.

Every three years the European Platform visits schools to judge whether the standards for bilingual education are met by the school in order to safeguard the quality of education. Bi-lingual education in the pre-university stream (VWO) Pius X-College offers the bilingual stream side by side to the regular vwo. Vwo comprises atheneum and gymnasium, which includes Greek and Latin courses. (Grammar School) Both options are open to bilingual students.

Bilingual Education is the perfect option to study abroad after you have finished secondary school. Maybe parents have lived abroad for several years because of their work. An excellent command of English is a great benefit for future careers. If you feel you could do that little bit more besides the regular curriculum, bi-lingual education is the perfect option for YOU!

Bilingual Junior Students

Pius X-College in Bladel introduced its bilingual teaching programme in August 2005. It offers a six-year course of studies to our talented and motivated pupils (12-18 years old at pre-university level) and prepares them for university entrance, both at home and abroad.

Two languages of instruction, Dutch and English, are used in the Bilingual department and all the pupils are expected to acquire a high degree of proficiency in both languages. Through immersion in English as soon as the twelve-year-old students start secondary education, pupils rapidly acquire a high level of language skills.

Our bilingual education is aimed at good pupils, who are willing to take a challenge.

The Bilingual Teaching Programme

The teaching programmes of the bilingual classes are largely based on the Dutch curriculum, with a number of important differences:

* Over 50% of the lessons are taught in English and schoolbooks, tests and language of communication is English.

* In year one the subjects are English (2 extra lessons), History, Mathematics, Technology, Biology, Arts & Craft, Physical Education, religious studies.

* In year 2 and 3 Physics, Chemistry and EIO (European and international orientation) are added to the bilingual programme.

Pius X-College bilingual students sit the Checkpoint Cambridge English exam in their 3rd year. Results are always excellent, and students are proud to be able to pass this native language test.

* When the bilingual students are in their senior years (pre-university level), i.e. senior highschool year 4-5-6, they are offered the IB-programme (International Baccelaureate) English Language and Literature A. This certificate is additional to the students’ regular vwo-diploma. The IB certificate for English Language and Literature A is internationally acknowledged for admission to universities abroad.

Extra Curricular Activities

A major focus of the Bilingual Department curriculum is European & International Orientation (EIO) which aims to promote international communication and understanding and prepares pupils for the international workplace of the 21st century.

They are taught not only to be linguistically fluent (i.e. Dutch and English), but also to be culturally fluent (i.e. in-depth knowledge of countries and cultures).

The EIO programme is part and parcel of the special bilingual activity-programme for our students which includes guest speakers from abroad, excursions in English, inviting exchange students, theatre in English, masterclasses sports and arts, the annul Speaking Competition for Dutch bilingual schools, workshops poetry and drama, debating contests etc.

The standard for bilingual education in The Netherlands highly emphasises cultural awareness throughout the curriculum and that of course implies partnership/cooperation with schools abroad. We organize a students’ exchange for our bilingual students with a foreign school.

In this perspective Pius X-College will always be looking for partnerschools abroad to enhance the international aspect of bilingual education.

Pius X-College participates in the national network for bilingual schools in the Netherlands. Parents pay additional school fees for this stream.

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